Who are we?


Pi Innovo engineering has been working with embedded model based controls on large complex programs for more than 20 years.   Our OpenECU rapid controls prototyping system has been used by both Pi Innovo and customer engineering teams to develop a broad range of prototype and production embedded controls applications in markets including automotive,  heavy-duty, off-highway and marine.   At Pi Innovo, we are united in our purpose to enable our customers’ success.

What do we do?

  • Supply our OpenECU rapid controls development platform
  • Support customers with world class systems, controls and software engineering services
  • Deliver production ECUs targeted at low to medium volume applications
  • Provide custom ECU and electronics design solutions

OpenECU combines the robustness and reliability of a production ECU with a proven user friendly rapid controls prototyping development platform. Because our controllers are designed to be customized, our customers’ specific application needs can be satisfied without compromise.

Pi Innovo engineering is best known for

Using our OpenECU rapid control prototyping platform, Pi Innovo engineering has been involved in a broad range of embedded controls development projects. We apply that experience to support your embedded controls needs.

Custom ECU / Electronics Designs

We have been designing, developing and customizing ECUs for more than 20 years. Applications include gasoline and diesel engine controllers, diesel exhaust aftertreatment controllers, injector driver modules, UAV engine controllers, chassis controllers, and sensor-less BLDC controllers – we have the experience to support your custom ECU needs.

Why do customers like to work with Pi Innovo?

We provide very high quality products and services that meet all your requirements, typically in a shorter time-frame than our competition could offer.

Pi Innovo engineering has been working with embedded model based controls on large complex programs for more than 20 years. Through this experience, we have developed optimized methods for developing embedded controls models. Our control models are optimized for speed and size to get the most out of your application, constructed to allow for growth as system requirements evolve (reducing development and testing time), and constructed with full traceability back to requirements.

Pi Innovo has been operating under formal software and hardware development processes since the inception of the company. We are ISO9001-2008 and CMMI Level 3 certified, demonstrating our ability to deliver high quality production software. We have the experience to adjust the level of process rigor to meet the timing/cost/deliverable needs of any program. At Pi Innovo, we understand that one size does not fit all!

Teamwork! Pi Innovo works in small cross-functional teams comprised of highly experienced engineers, many of whom come from automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies. Small teams, typically with co-located experienced engineers, applying proven development and project management processes enable us to provide high quality product in reduced time frames. We apply the appropriate processes in an effective and efficient manner.

From technology transfer to integrated customer teams, flexible IP ownership, and collaborative working styles, Pi Innovo always works to keep our customers’ best interests in mind. We work the way our customers need us to work.



Pi Technology Ltd formed by Pi Research Ltd in Cambridge UK to design and develop heavy-duty diesel engine control hardware and software for US market (initially for Detroit Diesel Corporation)


DDC DDEC III Engagement Initiated- Well over 500,000 units of the first, highly successful DDEC III product have shipped since it was launched in 1994 on the DDC Series 60 (class 8) truck engines.


Pi Technology acquired by Ford Motor Company as part of the Premier Automotive Group acquisition of Pi Group (made up of Cosworth Racing, Pi Research, Pi Technology) Pi Technology LLC relocated to current offices in Plymouth, MI


US division, Pi Technology LLC created, with offices in Livonia MI


Returned to independent ownership as part of Ford Motor Company’s divesture of Pi Group to PKV Racing


Pi Shurlok formed by the sale of Pi Technology to CI Shurlok (part of Control Instruments group, South African electronics manufacturer). Named Pi Shurlok Ltd (UK) and Pi Shurlok LLC (US).


OpenECU product family launched


Pi Innovo LLC (US) and Pi Innovo Ltd (UK) formed as as result of a management buy-out


HEC Added in Brazil (Distributor/Technical Support Partner)


Polelink added as Distributor partner in China


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