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Pi Innovo has many years of experience in the development of control systems for pure electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Technologies include: hybrid combinations of battery power with gasoline, diesel and fuel cell power sources. Leading-edge research projects have included the use of novel hydraulic power storage and delivery systems. Our skills have been applied to whole vehicle modeling, vehicle system control and the control of fundamental hybrid powertrain components such as battery management and engine stop-start control.

The OpenECU platform is ideal for research and prototyping of all aspects of vehicle control and then using the same proven hardware for low to intermediate volume production. The MATLAB®/Simulink® compatible software development toolchain makes it particularly easy to implement gateway functions for integrating components originally designed for disparate applications. A wide range of general purpose input and output configurations are available that facilitate adaption to the most novel of systems. When proof of concept has been achieved, our open reusable technology enables us to rapidly develop a custom ECU from a standard prototype platform and take it to production.

Pi Innovo’s engineering team has worked on many electric, hybrid and fuel cell programs, bringing experience in all aspects of development, from formal requirements specification, hazard analysis and DFMEA through prototyping and modeling of software and design of electronics hardware, on into support for diagnostics and production-standard verification and validation testing for safety-related systems.  Areas of Pi Innovo’s technical expertise are: power architectures and energy management, fuel cell system control, driveline torque management, electrical power/current management, high-voltage battery monitoring, ICE-electric hybrid powertrain controls, hydraulic hybrid drive systems and micro-grid CAN communications