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The flexibility of the OpenECU platform combined with Pi Innovo’s engineering consulting team has earned us the privilege of working on some unique control applications, including:

As Pi Innovo’s customers innovate, we are there to support their needs.  When an off the shelf module can’t meet the application requirements, Pi Innovo’s custom electronics hardware team can support your rapid prototyping to production needs.  Starting with rigorous requirements definition, we will work to develop the optimal module architecture for the overall system.  We offer unmatched speed, flexibility, and value in our customer’s quest for electronic systems innovation and production acceleration.

We pride ourselves in being able to react quickly in order to turn a design from a concept to a first prototype. We achieve this by:
  • Team co-location – a full development team (Mechanical, PCB, Electrical, Technician, software, reliability test, global sourcing, project management)
  • Close partners – local production facilities with a mature relationship and using common inventories across product
  • Key suppliers – trusted to rapidly deliver good quality parts in short timescales. For example; 24 hour PCB turnaround times
  • Reuse – utilizing common design blocks and components. Having design rules and guidelines pre-set for variety of product types
  • Commitment – a hardware team that is united in our purpose to enable our customer’s success.
  • Full design cycle support from concept to post SOP+90 including supporting subsets of a full development.
Some customers want a turnkey solution and purchase finished modules, others want to own the design IP and manufacture the modules themselves. Pi Innovo works collaboratively with our customers to construct a business arrangement that meets our customer’s needs.

We’ve earned a reputation for delivering results and we invite you to experience our difference.

Recent project examples include:

Custom Injector Drive Module for Propane Autogas Injectors

Custom Injector Drive Module for Novel New Piezo CNG Injector

Pi Innovo engineers have experience with brushless motor applications, including sensor-less control techniques.  Brushless motor control presents challenges which require design tradeoffs between cost, torque, speed performance, and electromagnetic noise.  Selecting the appropriate hardware design and pulse-width modulation (PWM) control scheme is essential to meeting the customer’s end requirements.

Throughout these control applications, Pi Innovo engineers investigate the underlying physical principles of the system leading to flexible, broadly-applicable solutions. This approach is preferred over narrow control designs, which rely on exhaustive characterization of every operating condition.

Pi Innovo’s Business Management System (BMS) is based around the requirements of ISO9001-2008 and ISO15504 Automotive SPICE and provides a full suite of operational and project-level processes serving the Organization as a whole, Quality Assurance, Project/Program Management and Engineering departments.

These processes have been developed to deliver efficient and effective methods of planning and executing tasks in a controlled, repeatable and measureable manner, providing the ability to objectively track progress against a set of business and/or project goals.  Through tailoring, continuous process evaluations and ongoing improvement activities Pi Innovo strives to maintain an optimized set of processes that can be easily adapted to meet changing business and project needs.

Drawing from Pi Innovo’s extensive experience in this area, we offer process development and improvement services to our customers via Process Engineering consulting services.  Typical activities range from process evaluations and gap analyses through process improvement support to process development and assistance with process implementation and ongoing maintenance.  These services have been provided for electronics hardware, software and systems development customers in the automotive and aerospace electronics industries.

Pi Innovo prides itself on being comprehensive and thorough in safety and failure analysis. As the modern safety standards have evolved from the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA), IEC61508, to ISO26262, Pi Innovo has kept pace and supported client needs with detailed analysis of their systems. Pi Innovo recommends using the ISO26262:3 HARA (Hazard and Risk Assessment) for virtually all projects, regardless of if they are planning to follow ISO26262 or not. At Pi, we feel it is important to understand the hazards and safe states for a system in every project. The ISO26262 HARA helps identify all of the hazards present in the use of a system, and the safe states it may return to in the event of a fault. The definition of concepts in the HARA are instrumental in developing robust control systems, even if the full ISO26262 process is not followed.

Pi Innovo supports Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) activities for:

  • System Level
  • Component Level
  • Manufacturing and Process

Pi Innovo is expert in efficiently performing Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA) of systems and components. The broad expertise of Pi Innovo’s engineering pool allows us to quickly determine the boundary for the DFMEA, define the block diagrams, identify all of the hazards, and perform a detailed analysis of the causes for the faults. In a given year, Pi Innovo executes dozens of DFMEAs on internal and external projects varying from safety critical systems, to internal product development.
Pi Innovo has performed quantitative fault tree analysis (FTA) for aviation customers seeking DO-160 and DO-178 compliance. The systems team will utilize the FTA for complex systems to understand the impact of system availability and failover behaviors. A qualitative FTA process is frequently used to evaluate different architectures to understand system reliability and availability.