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OpenECU Integration with TargetLink


OpenECU®, Pi Innovo’s product line of off-the-shelf rapid control prototyping ECUs support integration with TargetLink. Users can import TargetLink subsystems into OpenECU Simulink models. Developers and test engineers can evaluate, and test algorithms developed with TargetLink on OpenECU hardware for fleet trials.

OpenECU Block

OpenECU integration has been simplified with the development of TargetLink Integration block available in OpenECU Developer Simulink-API. The OpenECU TargetLink Subsystem block allows for easy import of production code from a... View More

White Paper on Embedded Controls Development: Model-Based Design and Engineering Solutions Using Pi Innovo OpenECU®

Pi Innovo is proud to publish this whitepaper on Model-Based Design and OpenECU written by Arnav Gupta, System Engineer at Pi Innovo. Below is the summary of the whitepaper. This whitepaper discusses the challenges faced by engineers while developing embedded control systems and focuses on software specific considerations within the model-based design (MBD) paradigm. It also sheds light on hardware considerations and highlights how an electronic control unit (ECU) development platform such as OpenECU®, can provide the complete solution for embedded... View More

Motor Control Driver Box for Brushed and Brushless DC Motor

The M220-XAU is a unique variation of the M220 controller, specifically designed to be the master controller in applications using the S090 as a slave power driver box. This variation of the M220 provides inputs and outputs unique to motor control to seamlessly interact with the features of the S090 which include control of both a brushed and brushless DC motor. The S090 is a versatile solenoid and motor drive slave power... View More

Webinar: Features and Capabilities of OpenECU

A powerful rapid controls prototyping solution for model based development

Embedded controls development projects have unique challenges and addressing them in an effective and holistic manner is key in today’s market. This webinar OpenECU can  be a complete hardware and software solution for your prototyping and production needs, and help you address those challenges. Some key topics covered in the webinar are as follows:
  • Role of model-based design (MBD) and rapid control prototyping (RCP) in embedded controls development
  • ... View More