Rapid OEM Engine ECU Replacement with Pi Innovo’s M670 OpenECU


Traditionally, replacing an OEM engine ECU or Engine Control Module (ECM) has almost always been out of the question. OEMs exercise proprietary rights to the hardware and software design used for engine control. This can often cause an undesirable delay, or even lead to a complete halt on advanced engine research programs or testing of new components on a base engine. Often, automotive organizations looking to modify ECU behavior face a big setback due to lack of... View More

How We Create Custom OpenECU Modules to Meet Specific Customer Requirements – Part I: Option Controls

Written by Mike Lepkowski & Ray Hyder Option controls – Customizing OpenECU hardware for specific system requirements Most systems require specific interfaces between controllers and sensors or actuators. While OpenECU has been designed to support a variety of sensors and actuators it can support an even larger variety of sensors through small changes to hardware in the ECU itself. Pi Innovo calls this modification an option control which uses one of our off-the-shelf OpenECU modules. Option controls are best for customers developing prototype... View More

How to Evaluate an ECU for Suitability to My System: Diagnostic Needs

The difficulty with diagnostics is in the definition.
  • Do the diagnostics report simple wire harness shorts and opens checks?
  • Do the diagnostics report ECU pin function checks and possible intermediate stuck at voltage checks?
  • Do the diagnostics perform initial checks at power-on, or real-time and run-time checks of the internal ECU health and function?
  • Are the diagnostics the complex rationality and long-term diagnostics of system (not just ECU)... View More

How to Determine Which OpenECU is Suitable for My System

Written by Gordan Jurasek, Director of Hardware Advanced Solutions, Pi Innovo Evaluating the suitability of an OpenECU Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for use in your system as an embedded controller is best done in layers with the obvious and superficial screens done first to narrow the candidate pool to a limited quantity followed by the fine detailed requirements test on the narrower candidate pool.  Many times, an off-the-shelf module will meet the requirements but for cases where customization is needed, OpenECU... View More