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High Availability/High Functional Safety System Diagnostics

February 17, 2021

Today's vehicles rely heavily on complex electrical systems to provide advanced features.  Although these systems provide many convenience and safety enhancements, they introduce new failure modes which must be addressed by appropriate diagnostics and diagnostic architecture. The use of electronic parking... View More

Supporting University Teams and Research: Michigan Electric Racing

December 16, 2020

Formula SAE Team from the University of Michigan: Michigan Electric Racing (MER) uses Pi Innovo's M220 and M110 OpenECU controllers for Formula SAE Electric Vehicle.

About Formula SAE: “SAE International's Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions take students beyond textbook theory by enabling them... View More


December 1, 2020

PLC Tuning

Power-Line Communication (PLC) is used during charging of electric vehicles around the world and is a must-have in today’s electric vehicle (EV) market. PLC allows the charging station (aka electric vehicle supply equipment or EVSE) and the EV to... View More


October 1, 2020

Pi Innovo has been a Kvaser Technical Associate (TA) and Qualified Sales Representative (QSR) for a number of years, and enjoys a good working relationship with this titan of... View More


September 2, 2020

DV BMU Emissions Test Issues

During development of our Battery Management Unit (BMU) we performed DV testing and found an issue in the radiated emissions test. Our schedule to meet the customers deadlines was tight so we did not perform pre-DV... View More

OpenECU Integration with TargetLink

July 10, 2020


OpenECU®, Pi Innovo’s product line of off-the-shelf rapid control prototyping ECUs support integration with TargetLink. Users can import TargetLink subsystems into OpenECU Simulink models. Developers and test engineers can evaluate, and test algorithms developed with TargetLink on OpenECU hardware for... View More