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After treatment Production Controller Development


Pi Innovo was asked to work as an integrated part of a customers’ team to deliver production hardware and low level software. The customer developed the diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment application using MATLAB Simulink model based controls on the OpenECU SIM-API platform.


Pi Innovo used hardware, based on the OpenECU family of low cost embedded controllers, to support the customer with rapid control prototypes used to develop production requirements. This solution enabled early full system prototyping as well as exhaust aftertreatment system component development and testing. The model-based OpenECU platform enabled a rapid and seamless transition to the production level hardware by keeping the OpenECU low level platform consistent across hardware iterations during development.

In addition, full regulatory OBD infrastructure software was developed and implemented for production.


The complete hardware development, productionization and product launch were completed in an aggressive timeframe.

Project Features

Rapid controls prototyping
Model based development
Production hardware
Production low-level software platform
Integration of MATLAB Simulink production code onto final hardware
Hardware-in-the-Loop and vehicle testing
Production launch support