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Pi Innovo Develops Brushless DC Motor Controller for Bergstrom


Pi Innovo collaborated with Bergstrom Inc. to develop a reliable, cost-effective, and highly capable sensorless, brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller that will be incorporated into Bergstrom’s class-leading commercial and specialty vehicle climate control systems.


Pi Innovo was asked to design custom control electronics to be integrated with a Bergstrom motor in a final assembly that Bergstrom could manufacture for its customers. The motor controller was required to fit inside the motor housing, operate on both 12V and 24V supplies, accommodate both digital and analog inputs for motor speed command and meet strict electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) criteria for commercial vehicle applications in one common design and at a low assembled price.
Pi Innovo was also required to provide the control software and baseline calibrations for Bergstrom to take into volume production.


Pi Innovo hardware and software engineers worked closely with the Bergstrom team to understand the product requirements and to ensure the final assembly produced would meet the needs of all Bergstrom’s targeted customers. The controller was developed to operate in 12V and 24V systems incorporating a variety of different digital and analog control signal inputs, covering the spectrum of Bergstrom’s vehicle customer’s needs. The control electronics were fully environmentally and performance-tested and passed the rigorous EMC criteria required by the vehicle manufacturers.


Bergstrom’s system incorporating Pi Innovo’s controller goes into volume production in 2016. The custom BLDC design adds to a growing portion of Pi Innovo’s business providing electronics design and validation solutions for customers in multiple markets.

Project Features

Sensorless BLDC motor controller
Motor control software


1 year, Sep 2014 - Sep 2015