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Custom Injector Drive Module for Novel New Piezo CNG Injector


A confidential customer came to Pi Innovo looking for an injector drive module capable of driving a novel new injector they were developing. Initially, this customer did not want to share information about their novel new injector and simply purchased a Pi Innovo S070 Injector Driver Module customized to meet a specified current profile. Although the S070 performed as specified, by using the module, the customer learned the power requirements necessary to drive the injector exceeded the capability of the off-the-shelf device.  A custom injector module was required.


After the customer thoroughly researched the market, Pi Innovo was awarded the contract to design and develop a custom Injector Driver Module to meet the specific needs of the application.  In this case, the contract was constructed to allow the customer to own the IP and have the module manufactured by Pi Innovo or a contract manufacturer of their choosing.


Pi Innovo supported every phase of the project, beginning with rigorous requirements definition and a comprehensive safety case definition. One of the reasons Pi Innovo was selected was our ability to meet very aggressive timing requirements.  Pi Innovo formed a team consisting of our experienced systems, controls and hardware engineers and delivered the first A-Samples five months after the contract was awarded.