Gasoline Engine Control Strategy for Powertrain Optimization Using a Novel Gearbox Design


To provide off the shelf rapid controls prototyping ECU hardware and model based software to control a V8 gasoline engine in a way that maximizes fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions. The customer, Torotrak required an ability to continually develop the engine control strategies without day to day support from Pi Innovo.


OpenECU was deployed along with Pi Innovo’s gasoline engine control strategies.  Initial configuration and engine debug was completed by Pi Innovo engineers, while further strategy development and custom features were developed by Torotrak.

Results and Impact

Pi Innovo quickly provided Torotrak with a baseline system that was fully functional and ready for continuous development. The use of Pi Innovo embedded controls products and off-the-shelf engine control strategies guaranteed a fast route to a working prototype than the much slower and more costly approach of a company developing their own dedicated solution.

A key part of the project was to enable Torotrak to develop proprietary features in-house, which provided a platform for creation of their own products in the future.

Ultimately, this project enabled Torotrak’s transmission technology to be showcased to its best advantage supported by verified emissions results.

Project Features

OpenECU rapid controls prototyping

Pi Innovo Engine Control Strategies
Bespoke customization by Pi Innovo
Initial integration support
Training and support