Optimal Energy

M460 OpenECU as Supervisory Controller on Electric Vehicle

In 2005, Optimal Energy started developing Africa’s first electric vehicle. Pi Innovo supported the project by supplying the M460 OpenECU as a supervisory controller for the Joule – Africa’s first electric vehicle.  In addition, leveraging our significant experience in electric vehicle development, Pi Innovo Systems Engineering supported Optimal Energy with a safety analysis of the system.

For this project, Pi Innovo provided the engineering team at Optimal Energy with an easy to use rapid prototyping controller using production validated hardware.  Using Pi Innovo’s Sim-API (Simulink based application programming interface) model-based design development platform with an M460 ECU, Optimal Energy developed their application using native MATLAB Simulink.   By using OpenECU,  developers did not spend time generating the low level interfaces and were able to focus on developing their own IP strategies.

Pi Innovo’s OpenECU product family comprises a range of highly configurable electronic module platforms. These have been developed over the years specifically to meet the ever-changing requirements of a new development – such as those required to construct Optimal Energy’s electric vehicle.

Optimal Energy is a South African company based in Cape Town.