EMS and V-Model ECU Development Process Knowledge Transfer for Chinese OEM

Pi Innovo is supporting a Chinese OEM in the development of a control system for very large marine engines.  Currently, all engine controls and controllers are purchased from European engine manufacturers as “black boxes”.  There is no access to the controls and there is no path to improving the control system without costly engagements with the controller supplier.

The OEM is looking to develop their own capability with respect to engine controls and ultimately wants to be able to design their own engine controllers.  Because a key part of Pi Innovo’s mission in China is to help Chinese companies develop ECU expertise, we were seen as an ideal partner.  The engagement contains the following elements:

  • Support from Pi Innovo’s strong engineering team with 25 years of experience on multiple production engine management system programs
  • Supply of Pi Innovo’s OpenECU rapid prototyping system
  • Supply of our proven model based engine control strategies to get a single cylinder engine running quickly accelerating learning and knowledge transfer
  • A systematic V model based ECU development training is included
  • Experienced Pi Innovo personnel on-site with the OEM team when required


As the project progresses, Pi Innovo can either design a custom ECU specific to the application requirements or, if desired, collaboratively work with the OEM so they develop this capability internally.