Open ECU Used for Chinese New Energy Vehicle Project


China is currently pushing the development of new energy vehicles (NEVs). In China, the term new energy vehicles (NEV) refers to vehicles that are partially or fully powered by electricity, such as battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). The Chinese government began implementation of its NEV program in 2009 to foster the development and introduction of new energy vehicles

What Pi Supported

Pi Innovo is supporting a Chinese OEM in the development of a prototype NEV.  The OpenECU rapid controls prototype development product, consisting of an M220 low cost embedded ECU for use as the new energy vehicle controller and the OpenECU SIM-API model based software developer platform, is being used during the development effort. In addition, leveraging our significant experience in hybrid and electric vehicle control development, Pi Innovo is providing systems and controls engineering support to help advance the OEM development efforts.

Given the strong market need for NEVs in China, the next phase of the project is expected to be productionization of the system where Pi Innovo NEV control strategies and production software experience would be used.  Since the initial target volumes are expected to be in the low thousands, a custom variant of the M220 can be used for production.  The same production ready, tested and validated ECU that was used during the development phase can be used for volume production thus eliminating the cost and time needed to develop a new ECU.  As sales volumes rise, the control algorithms and strategies developed as MATLABTM Simulink/Stateflow models can be easily ported to a fully custom ECU if desired.