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Production Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Controls Software Development

One of Pi Innovo’s engineering services is to provide experienced engineers to serve as an integrated portion of a customer’s team on production programs.  Pi Innovo has been involved in developing & validating production software for a variety of features within a large Tier 1’s standard engine control system.   Most recently, a team of systems and software engineers was provided to extend the customer’s team during periods of intensive Euro VI development work. The work included:

  • High level & low level requirements
  • Specification development
  • System modelling
  • Test development for a variety of features within the engine control system including new diagnostics for engine functions required by Euro VI legislation
  • Developed the Layer 2 safety system using EGAS as a guideline in preparation for the day when ISO 26262 is extended to include heavy duty
  • System design in Simulink and writing the corresponding test specs
  • The experienced gained by working as a portion of an integrated Tier 1 team developing, validating, and launching production engine control software continues to build Pi Innovo’s overall production engine control software expertise.