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Production Software Development Support; Aftertreatment Application

What Pi Supported

Pi Innovo worked as part of an integrated team, co-locating as necessary, to ensure efficient development and delivery support. We supported enhancements to the production development process as well as improvements in requirements and design documentation to better support application productionization and system testability. Accomplishments included:
• Requirements documentation
• Software test definition
• Implemented a common application test platform suite to support automated requirements validation
• Included model based software-in-the-loop (SIL) test and production hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and system test
• Traceability verification from requirements, to test definition, to test results
• Supported delivery to multiple customers on an accelerated schedule

Results and Impact

Our support enabled improved stability of application release to the end-customer, improving development efficiency as well as improvements in the final production customer relationship.

Project Features

Production process definition and support
Requirements management
Production low-level software platform validation
Productionization of applications code
Integration and system testing of MATLAB Simulink production code
Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop testing
Production launch support


3+ years