Rapid OEM Engine ECU Replacement with Pi Innovo’s M670 OpenECU


Traditionally, replacing an OEM engine ECU or Engine Control Module (ECM) has almost always been out of the question. OEMs exercise proprietary rights to the hardware and software design used for engine control. This can often cause an undesirable delay, or even lead to a complete halt on advanced engine research programs or testing of new components on a base engine. Often, automotive organizations looking to modify ECU behavior face a big setback due to lack of... View More

How to Evaluate an ECU for Suitability to My System: Diagnostic Needs

The difficulty with diagnostics is in the definition.
  • Do the diagnostics report simple wire harness shorts and opens checks?
  • Do the diagnostics report ECU pin function checks and possible intermediate stuck at voltage checks?
  • Do the diagnostics perform initial checks at power-on, or real-time and run-time checks of the internal ECU health and function?
  • Are the diagnostics the complex rationality and long-term diagnostics of system (not just ECU)... View More

Misfire detection with OpenECU

An engine misfire can be defined as a combustion event where the air fuel mixture within a cylinder fails to ignite properly. The most common causes of misfire are:
  • Incorrect air/fuel ratio, generally caused by a lean mixture
  • Weak/missing spark due to wear of ignition system components
  • Mechanical damage to the engine such as leaking gaskets, piston rings, etc, causing a loss in compression
Misfire has a number of undesirable effects, including
  • Loss of power
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased hydrocarbon emissions from the unburnt fuel
  • Catalytic converter damage

Misfire... View More

BLDC Control Architecture – Part One

This article provides an overview of the hardware and software architecture of a sinusoidal field oriented controller for a brushless DC motor (BLDC).  Brushless DC motors are becoming much more common in automotive applications due to their improvements in performance, efficiency, and reliability over brushed motors. A brushless motor has to be commutated electronically, meaning that power must be applied to each of the 3 phase windings at just the right time as the rotor spins.  This requires an inverter which... View More