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Supporting University Teams and Research: Michigan Electric Racing

Formula SAE Team from the University of Michigan: Michigan Electric Racing (MER) uses Pi Innovo's M220 and M110 OpenECU controllers for Formula SAE Electric Vehicle.

About Formula SAE: “SAE International's Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions take students beyond textbook theory by enabling them to design, build, and test the performance of a real vehicle and then compete with other students from around the globe in exciting and intense competitions.”- SAE.

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PLC Tuning

Power-Line Communication (PLC) is used during charging of electric vehicles around the world and is a must-have in today’s electric vehicle (EV) market. PLC allows the charging station (aka electric vehicle supply equipment or EVSE) and the EV to negotiate charging sessions, allowing various charging profiles and potentially to negotiate payment. Pi Innovo’s M560 and M580 modules have PLC capability built in. Power-Line Communication (PLC) as depicted in ISO 15118-3 and DIN 70121 specifies power spectral density (PSD) limits of... View More

Pi Innovo’s OpenECU BMU – Battery Management Master Controller

Combined Battery Management Unit Master & High Voltage Circuitry


  • The OpenECU BMU is a rapid control prototyping embedded controller for Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Provides control of the battery pack contactors and monitoring of the pack voltages and current
  • Supports isoSPI cell monitoring unit (CMU) slaves selected by customer to provide a complete battery management solution
  • Supports customers to develop BMS application using OpenECU Simulink or C... View More


DV BMU Emissions Test Issues

During development of our Battery Management Unit (BMU) we performed DV testing and found an issue in the radiated emissions test. Our schedule to meet the customers deadlines was tight so we did not perform pre-DV emissions scans which would have caught this failure earlier. We had to find a solution quickly to keep the BMU project on schedule so we needed to narrow down the root cause of the emissions failure, find a workable solution... View More