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Customizing OTS OpenECU Modules

How We Create Custom OpenECU Modules to Meet Specific Customer Requirements – Part I: Option Controls

Written by Mike Lepkowski & Ray Hyder

Option controls – Customizing OpenECU hardware for specific system requirements

Most systems require specific interfaces between controllers and sensors or actuators. While OpenECU has been designed to support a variety of sensors and actuators it can support an even larger variety of sensors through small changes to hardware in the ECU itself. Pi Innovo calls this modification an option control which uses one of our off-the-shelf OpenECU modules.

Option controls are best for customers developing prototype... View More

Customizing OTS OpenECU – Part II: Production Variants

Production Variants – Customizing OpenECU hardware for specific system requirements or cost optimization

Pi Innovo offers a wide variety of off the shelf modules that can fulfill the requirements of a broad range of applications.  In some cases, there is a need to modify the off-the-shelf ECU to optimally work with specific sensors or actuators.  In other cases, only a portion of the I/O is utilized to meet the requirements.  In both cases, Pi Innovo offers the ability to customize existing... View More