David Price, CTO, Presenting at Engine Expo Stuttgart June 16-18, 2015

11:45 - Designing-in safety on a flexible hardware platform
David Price, CTO, Pi Innovo, UK
Safety is all about the details. Therefore, when a specific application is developed, a detailed analysis is undertaken identifying applicable hazards and application-specific safety requirements. When the application is undefined, the challenge is to develop a supporting platform that is application neutral, cost effective and designed with safety in mind. This presentation explains Pi’s approach to identifying and implementing key common... View More

Visit Pi at Stand 3020 During Engine Expo 2015 June 17-20, 2015

"Innovation in the making” For the past 25 years, Pi Innovo has been applying creative problem solving to deliver rapid prototype and tailored production electronics and control solutions. Pi continues to provide high-end engineering expertise, field-ready product platforms and integrated rapid prototyping solutions for global automotive clients. At Engine Expo 2015, Pi will debut the M670 OpenECU; a flexible, high-feature EMS suitable for any fuel type or combination. The M670 offers a high-capacity boost power supply supporting twin-injector per... View More

Pi Innovo to Present at AUVSI 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia

Visit Pi Innovo at AUVSI 2015 as Product Manager Herb Mann presents:

OpenECU- Enabling Vehicle Autonomy

The challenge addressed in this presentation is in how to apply a common appliqué system to a military transport vehicle fleet consisting of varied vehicle types from different manufacturers enabling them to perform fully-autonomous function. AMAS - Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System: a multiplatform kit that integrates low-cost sensors and control systems onto U.S. Army and Marine Corps tactical vehicles to assist drivers or enable fully autonomous operation... View More