SAE Webinar: Lessons Learned Developing ISO 26262 Supervisory Controllers for EV/HEV

This 30-minute Webinar shares lessons learned during the development of several EV/HEV controllers including the M560 OpenECU – from prototyping through production – while satisfying ISO 26262 ASIL D safety goals. An overview of the development experience shows specific areas where satisfying ISO 26262 is not as technically difficult as it is culturally challenging. It also discusses the importance of balancing prototyping activities to support aggressive automotive project schedules with the diligence required for functional safety. GO TO THE... View More


When you see the name Pi Innovo, your first thought might be of the famous mathematical constant that begins with 3.14. If you read it too quickly, you might be reminded of Pinocchio, the delightful tale of a physically deformed puppet. But from now on, when you see Pi Innovo, here’s what you should think of: safe, simple and customizable Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Pi Innovo began 27 years ago, evolving from a research project at Cambridge University to develop heavy-duty... View More

MRacing finishes 1st of the US and 5th overall using Pi’s OpenECU M220

Congratulations to University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Formula SAE Team “MRacing” on their 5th place finish, 1st among U.S. competitors, in the Formula SAE event on May 13th, 2017 at Michigan International Speedway. The 2017 MRacing vehicle utilizes a 600cc turbocharged powertrain and an automated pneumatic shifting system managed by an OpenECU M220 ECU. Students used the OpenECU Simulink API to design and prototype shifting system algorithms with automatic shifting and torque-cut clutchless upshifts. "The OpenECU tools from Pi Innovo have enabled... View More