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The OpenECU® design philosophy is to include additional circuit options on the circuit board to enable hardware customization.  This allows Pi Innovo to transform the I/O capability of an ECU with minor modifications that can be made by our technicians, retested on our automated test equipment, and delivered to the client in a very short timeframe.

Pi Innovo supports several levels of customization depending on the client’s requirements.  The first level is a population change of components on an existing circuit board design.

Examples of circuit customizations include:

  • Pull up or pull down resistor values
  • Hardware anti-alias filter frequency
  • Voltage dividers
  • Pull up voltage source
  • Digital signal transition voltage
  • CAN termination resistance
  • Peak & hold current thresholds
  • Over current trip threshold
  • Recirculation diode

The second level of hardware customization is the development of a daughterboard.  Several OpenECU modules support the addition of a daughtercard.  The daughtercard can be custom designed to add circuit functionality not natively present on the main circuit board.

custom hardware model

Examples of past daughterboard designs:

  • Additional injector drive circuits
  • Additional spark drive circuits
  • UEGO drive circuit
  • Precision analog output drive
  • Wifi communications

This flexibility in the hardware design allows Pi Innovo to support a broader range of client applications with our off-the-shelf hardware.