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OpenECU Gasoline Engine Control Strategies

OpenECU Gasoline engine control strategies are an invaluable tool in the development process for a wide range of vehicle systems and components. Spark ignited fuel engines can be rapidly equipped with a control ECU that gives unprecedented modification access to all control system algorithms.

This capability is essential when evaluating changes to engine and emissions components, for example supercharging or when retargeting the engine to new uses such as a hybrid powertrain. The Gasoline strategies are an integral component in the OpenECU concept of providing a low risk, accelerated progression from concept to production vehicle electronics.

Core Features

  • Up to 8 cylinders supported
  • Running mode determination
  • Target AFR
  • Electronic and cable throttles
  • Speed density air charge estimation
  • Simultaneous/group/sequential fuelling
  • Fuel and ignition timing
  • Sensor conditioning & fault monitoring
  • Idle speed control (spark and air)
  • Engine cooling
  • Engine speed limiter
  • CAN input processing
  • Start-up strategies
  • Transient fuel compensation
  • Deceleration fuel shutoff
  • Driveability features
  • Air conditioning interface

Emissions Features

  • Late fuel correction
  • Closed loop and adaptive fuelling
  • Exhaust temperature estimation
  • Catalyst temperature estimation
  • Evaporative emissions management
  • Catalyst protection

MATLAB ® / Simulink® Models

The Gasoline strategies are supplied as a fully documented set of Simulink® models that enable easy exploration of fundamental changes to control system behaviour, not just calibration adjustments.

The comprehensive list of control features includes all that are required to develop an engine control system.

In addition the easily modified strategies can greatly assist in the development of:

  • Gearboxes / Transmissions / CVT
  • Hybrid Powertrain
  •  Fuel Systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Emissions Control
  • Engine Components
  • Turbo/Supercharger Systems
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Noise / Vibration Control

On-board Diagnostics Option

The Gasoline strategies integrate seamlessly with the OpenECU OBD Infrastructure Software that provides legislatively compliant diagnostics.

Comprehensive Support Package(s)

  • Access to Pi Innovo expert support.
  • Optional product and application training packages are available
  • Pi Team services can be engaged for any aspect of the project.

Required Tools

  • Relevant OpenECU module(s)
  • OpenECU Developer Platform SIM32 software
  • The Mathworks toolchain
  • Wind River Diab C compiler
  • ASAP2 CCP calibration tool
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