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The E-Mobility market includes full electric vehicles, as well as hybrid
electric vehicles and those using hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Application / Product offerings
• Vehicle Supervisory Control / Vehicle Control Module (M560 / M580)
• Electric Park Brake Module (OpenECU version coming soon)
• Gateway Modules (M110)
• Battery Management Modules – Supervisory Control (Various OpenECU
modules available depending on I/O needs)
• AC and Fast DC Charger interface (Incorporated in the M560 / M580)
• Other ECU applications (If an OTS solution is not available, Pi Innovo specializes
in developing custom ECUs for our customers)
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Control Strategies

Range of vehicles currently using Pi Innovo OpenECU modules
• Electric bus in USA
• Electric luxury car in the EU
• Plug-in hybrid-electric luxury car in the USA
• Electric bus in EU
• E-axles being applied to multiple trucks and buses in the USA and EU
• Hybrid-electric off road utility vehicles
• Electric industrial vehicle
• Electric pickup truck
• Electric shuttle bus in EU
• Many additional advanced electric and hybrid-electric vehicle developments