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Pi Innovo has expertise in design engineering, test development, product cost optimization, component supply chain & global manufacturing supply base management, and can provide the resources necessary to manage a project through design, new product introduction, and volume production. Our capabilities cover all aspects of managing safety critical ECU production from supplier selection, process validation, PPAP, to in-process tool creation and specification.

Pi Innovo Volume Production Domains

Pi Innovo has expertise in various domains of volume production to create a steady supply of our standard and custom products. We can flexibly adapt our manufacturing strategy to the specific needs of a project. From regular small-run batches to thousands of units per month Pi Innovo has experience manufacturing ecus of various type and complexity.

Domains of our expertise include:

  • Validation – plan, design and execute a series of tests and analyses that show both the manufacturing process and product can produce a final product that meets customer expectations
  • Manufacturing – design and specify, along with our manufacturing partners, the production lines and in process equipment used to create and test the product at its various stages of assembly.
  • Reliability
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality
  • VA/VE - Value Analysis / Value Enginnering

Example In-Production ECUs

Functional Safety ISO 26262

Pi Innovo provides expertise and modules for your ISO 26262 functional safety needs. We work closely with you to understand and refine your functional safety requirements (FSR’s) and then choose appropriate hardware and software solutions to meet the ASIL level of your project. Our M560 is designed to satisfy safety goals up to ISO 26262 ASIL-D and is backed by the team at Pi Innovo with proficiency in delivering production 26262 projects. Our staff is formally trained in ISO 26262 and a Certified Safety Professional will be on your project, for more information click here.

Pi Innovo Custom ECU Solutions

Pi Innovo’s Custom ECU solutions leverage our expertise in the design, development and manufacturing of Electronic Control Units to create an ECU that meets your specific application requirements, safety goals, cost targets, and development budget typically under aggressive timelines. Our proven engineering experience combined with our manufacturing capability delivers pre-production and production-ready custom ECUs adhering to the highest level of functional safety requirements.