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The combination of Pi Innovo’s engineering consulting team and our OpenECU
rapid prototyping controllers, engine control strategies and software
development platform has positioned us to support a broad range of
R&D, prototype, and niche production programs. The same OpenECU
module used for your rapid controls system development can be used
for demonstration fleets and low to intermediate volume production.

Examples of where OpenECU modules have been used
• US EPA for emissions developments
• Production RV engine controls
• Engine assembly-line test equipment control (hot and cold test)
for major production test supplier
• Major European OEM for engine controls development
• Major USA Tier 1s for engine controls development
• USA based small engine controls development
• European bus OEM for dual fuel application
• Single cylinder engine combustion controls development
• Aftertreatment Tier 1 for engine control
• Aviation Engine controls development
• Various Universities conducting research
• Specialty high end sports car engine control
• America’s cup wing sail foiling catamaran

Application / Product offerings
• Diesel engine control (M670)
• GDI engine control (M670)
• PFI engine control (M220, M670)
• Duel Fuel engine control (M670)
• Water injection for emissions reductions (M221)
• Transmission Control (M670)