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Production and Prototyping Expertise

100+ million miles of production engine control software

150+ rapid controls prototyping & technology development projects

100,000+ ECUs in production using Pi Innovo’s developed software

The combination of Pi Innovo’s engineering consulting team and our OpenECU® rapid controls prototyping platform has positioned us to support a broad range of production and prototype vehicle control systems programs.  The same OpenECU module used for your model based rapid controls system development can also be used for demonstration fleets and low to intermediate volume production.   Pi Innovo has the experience and process discipline to execute safety critical production hardware and software programs and the flexibility to “do what it takes” for rapid controls prototyping.   Many customers engage with Pi Innovo for our production ready customizable OpenECU platform but become long-term customers as they experience working with our engineering team. A growing portion of Pi Innovo’s business is to deliver fully custom electronic hardware designs to meet specific customer performance, cost, reliability and packaging requirements.

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Case Studies

Land Rover Electric All Terrain Vehicle

Pi Innovo was once again called on to further develop a concept to enable the assessment of the applicability of an electric Defender for wider use.

OpenECU in prototype Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicle

Pi Innovo systems engineers and OpenECU are Jaguar Land Rover choice for rapid development of a prototype electric vehicle for use in South African game reserves.

Aviation Electronic Engine Management

Lycoming Engines and Pi Innovo have a long term collaboration on the development of electronic engine management for the companies market leading aircraft piston engines.

20 Years of Diesel Engine Control Design with Detroit Diesel

Pi Innovo is proud to have partnered for over 20 years with Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) on heavy-duty diesel engine controls.

Novel Hydraulic Energy Storage System for Jaguar Hybrid Vehicle

Open ECU was used alongside a novel, hydraulic energy storage system to create a demonstrator vehicle based on an X-type Jaguar production car.

OpenECU Replaces Production GDI ECU for Emissions Control Research

Pi Innovo's M670 OpenECU is being used by the Environmental Protection Agency for emissions control research.

After treatment Production Controller Development

Pi Innovo designed, developed and delivered custom production ECU hardware, as well as supplied the production platform software for commercial vehicle aftertreatment application.

Production Software Development Support; Aftertreatment Application

Pi Innovo worked as an integrated part of a customer's team to support managing production application code delivery to multiple end-customers. All production level applications were developed using the MATLAB Simulink toolchain.

Alternative Fuel System Control: CNG, LNG, LPG

Many vehicle operators are looking to convert existing vehicles to run on alternative gaseous fuels. Pi Innovo can provide cost-effective controller solutions to meet each customer's unique I/O requirements.

Custom Electronics Solution for Sensorless BLDC Motor Control

Pi Innovo designed custom electronics for a customer to control a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor that runs an engine related system, reducing the load that the engine has to manage directly. This led to improved system efficiency and fuel economy.

Custom Injector Drive Module for Novel New Piezo CNG Injector

Pi Innovo designed, developed, and delivered A-samples for a custom piezo injector driver module for a CNG application in five months.

Custom Injector Drive Module for Propane Autogas Injectors

Starting with an existing M220 OpenECU, a customized variant (M221) was created to drive up to 10 injectors in addition to controlling a Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) tank system .

OpenECU Gasoline Engine Control Strategies Replace Production Bosch EMS

A combination of Pi Innovo’s OpenECU engine controller, Gasoline Engine Control Strategies, and Pi’s systems and controls engineering teams provided support for a MIRA demonstrator vehicle.

Production ECU Replaces Existing Bosch ECU for VW Citi-Golf Engine Control

Pi designed, developed and implemented a gasoline engine ECU and full control software to meet the first South African emission regulations.

Production Gasoline Engine Control Software Development

Pi Innovo has successfully worked with a large OEM's engineers to develop gasoline engine control software. The integrated teams have greatly expanded Pis' expertise.

Production Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Controls Software Development

Pi Innovo is experienced with both high and low level requirements for standard engine control systems, to include developing a safety systems for a Tier 1 supplier.

OpenECU Platform Used to Develop Torque-based Traction Control

Pi Innovo’s engineering team used the OpenECU platform to develop custom control algorithms to provide individual wheel torque management via hydraulic-controlled limited-slip differentials

OpenECU Used for Production Active Aerodynamic Systems Control

Pi Innovo developed an active aerodynamic systems controler for a well known European boutique supercar manufacturer.

Custom Designed Multi-Megawatt Engine Controller

Pi Innovo was commissioned to design an ECU that could also be used as a step on the side of a two-story engine. This unit was able to solve several significant problems with the engine design and operation.

Lycoming Dual-Redundant Safety-Critical Electronic EMS for Aircraft Application

Pi Innovo adapted proven automotive technology to aircraft piston engine control applications including the necessary dual-redundant functionality to comply with aviation safety and flight control requirements.

OpenECU Used to Develop Military Vehicle ABS/TCS/ESC Production System Control Software

Development of ABS system with brake-based Traction Control and Stability Management for AM General’s next-generation light tactical wheeled vehicle application.

OpenECU for Developing Semi-Active Suspension Control

Development of a semi-active suspension control system to meet the mobility, transportability and survivability requirements of next-generation military light tactical wheeled vehicles.

OpenECU for Vehicle Supervisory Control in Autonomous Vehicles; Controlling Engine, Braking and Transmission

Pi Innovo’s Engineering Team using the OpenECU M460 created the controls enabling key functions of Lockheed Martin’s appliqué vehicle autonomy solution.

Active Damping System for Commercial Armored Vehicles

This project was for the development of an active damping kit for commercial armored SUVs, to address the ride quality and handling issues seen when adding large amounts of weight to the body of a vehicle.

Pi Innovo Develops Brushless DC Motor Controller for Bergstrom

Pi Innovo collaborated with Bergstrom Inc. to develop a reliable, cost-effective, and highly capable sensorless, brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller that will be incorporated into Bergstrom’s class-leading commercial and specialty vehicle climate control systems.

Prototype BLDC controller for diesel exhaust aftertreatment system

The objective of this customer-confidential development project was to design and test a proof-of-concept sensor-less Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor controller for Urea dosing pumps used in medium duty commercial vehicle diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems.

Rapid creation of custom BLDC motor control ECU using off-the-shelf OpenECU

An OEM required a custom ECU for driving a fuel pump for an experimental fuel on a fleet of vehicles. Furthermore, this customer wanted rapid prototyping features.

M670 OpenECU used in KUKA engine final test lines to control multiple engine configurations

Typically, an Engine Control Unit (ECU) is developed for a specific engine and expected to live with that engine for the life of the ECU. However, in Kuka’s production manufacturing environment.

M670 constant current customization for transmission controls development

To develop a precision analog current source output using OpenECU's M670, to be utilized as a control source for precise force control of solenoids for developing transmission control strategies.

Pi provides model-based engine control solution and knowledge transfer to customer

Pi Innovo helped a major small engine manufacturer transition to modern model-based engine control development by helping them build their own internal department at the company’s global headquarters.

Providing a new production EV supervisory controller with a customized M560

For a customer doing small production runs across several years, a fully populated off the shelf OpenECU wasn’t the most cost effective or efficient solution.

Production fault diagnostics in an M560 used as a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain control module

A customer using Pi Innovo’s OpenECU platform software and M560 ECU as the hybrid control unit (HCU) for their specialty application, also wanted Pi to develop the supervisory control strategy.

M670 for Engine start-stop system and Component Development

To meet the increasingly stringent regulations on passenger vehicle fuel economy and emissions, automotive OEMs are frequently turning to mild hybrid technologies.

M110 used as gateway module to convert LHD to RHD vehicle

Due to multiple customer requests, Pi Innovo developed the M110 OpenECU to satisfy the need for a module with 2 CAN channels which can be linked together to provide a 4 channel gateway.

Using VX1000 for fast M560 Data Measurement

Data measurement and calibration is a critical aspect of any ECU application development. All of Pi Innovo's ECUs support the industry standard CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP). CCP is a software-based solution that utilizes one of the ECU's CAN buses to interface with external calibration tools.

Using XETK for fast M670 Data Measurement

Data measurement and calibration is a critical aspect of any ECU application development. All of Pi Innovo's ECUs support the industry standard CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP). CCP is a software-based solution that utilizes one of the ECU's CAN buses to interface with external calibration tools.

Customizing M670 & OpenECU platform SW to replicate UEGO functionality

A Pi Innovo customer was using an ECU for engine control and a separate stand-alone UEGO interface ECU but wanted to migrate to the integrated solution offered by Pi’s M670 ECU. 

Interface EVSE with Combined Charging System (CCS) using OpenECU M560 or M580

Electric vehicles (EVs), such as battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, are expected to take over a major part of the transportation sector. As a result, the demand for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), also known as Charging Stations, is growing.

Design of Custom Electric Park Brake (EPB) Solution

An OEM developing Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) identified the need for a new Electric Park Brake (EPB) solution for its next generation of production vehicles. Pi Innovo was selected to deliver an EPB ECU solution leveraging OpenECU platform.

Rapid OEM Engine ECU Replacement with Pi Innovo’s M670 OpenECU

Traditionally, replacing an OEM engine ECU or Engine Control Module (ECM) has almost always been out of the question. OEMs exercise proprietary rights to the hardware and software design used for engine control.

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