This article spotlights the innovative Nauti-CraftTM marine suspension system technology and how OpenECU® is being used to support the system’s development.

While land vehicles use suspension to isolate the shocks and vibration of the road surface, boat users have always suffered from the harshness associated with the buffeting of even the most modest wave conditions. The Nauti-Craft marine suspension system solves this issue, along with providing for advanced active control features such as a Deck Attitude Control System (DACS) which actively adjusts and maintains the horizontal attitude of the deck at low speeds and when maneuvring relative to fixed structures or coming along side larger vessels.

As can be seen in the video below, when compared to conventional boats Nauti-Craft’s marine suspension system provides increased levels of ride comfort, safety, control and stability whether stationary or travelling at speed.

Nauti-Craft uses Pi Innovo’s OpenECU rapid prototyping controllers and development software platform to provide the sophisticated control necessary to realize the full benefits of such a suspension system. The flexibility and ease of use provided by OpenECU allows Nauti-Craft’s engineers to focus on the application software required to support ongoing development and enhancement of the overall system, without needing to spend time on the software/hardware interface.

The OpenECU developer software platform provides a block-set interface to native Simulink model-based controls applications, abstracting the developer from any hardware-specific constraints. This allows for rapid changes in control strategy and addition of new features as the system development progresses. Additionally the Open ECU block-set also helps Nauti-Craft develop robust, reliable software by harnessing Simulink’s proven verification tools.

Nauti-Craft’s unique application of OpenECU further illustrates the wide variety of technology developments that are enabled by the capabilities of the OpenECU tool suite.

About Nauti-Craft:
Based in Dunsborough, Western Australia, Nauti-Craft is a marine systems R&D company with a highly experienced team of engineers, technicians and naval architects who specialize in taking radical new concepts from proof-of-concept stage to commercially viable prototypes.
For further information on this innovative and exciting new technology visit Nauti-Craft’s web site