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Functional Safety ISO 26262

Pi Innovo provides expertise and modules for your ISO 26262 functional safety needs. We work closely with you to understand and refine your functional safety requirements (FSR’s) and then choose appropriate hardware and software solutions to meet the ASIL level of your project. Our flagship M560 is designed to satisfy safety goals up to ISO 26262 ASIL-D and is backed by the team at Pi Innovo with proficiency in delivering production 26262 projects.

Our staff is formally trained in 26262 and a Certified Safety Professional will be on your project.

For your projects, we provide full-service functional safety solutions that include:

• Safety evaluation
• Application development using Simulink and C for diversified ASIL B(D)+B(D) decomposition on the M560 dual-microcontroller architecture
• Custom electronics solutions for production

Further information about 26262: Link to Webinar
You can learn more about ISO 26262 requirements (FSR and FSC) development here: Requirements Development - FSR / FSC
Pi Innovo identifies hazards using HARA

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