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Pi Innovo Functional Safety

Functional safety has become a critically important issue across
all areas of industry. Manufacturers place as a top priority, the
quality and safety of their products. Pi Innovo provides expertise
and modules for your functional safety needs. We work closely
with you to understand and refine your functional safety
requirements (FSR’s).

Commercial Aviation - Pi Innovo was a key partner supporting
Lycoming in the iE2 Integrated Electronic Engine program
- DO 254 – Familiar
- DO 178-B - Program Participation
- DO 160-E
Validation of HW experience
- AC 33.28
- DO 330 – Tool Qualification
- DO 331 - Model coverage and code coverage

Automotive - For automotive ECUs, Pi Innovo utilizes the
V-Model Development Process to develop Custom safety critical
ECUs in conformance with ISO 26262. For more information on our ISO 26262 Functional Safety experience, please click here.

Recent developments include multiple programs using ISO 26262 ASIL D functional Safety processes:

Electric Vehicle Supervisory Control (VCU)

IMU for Autonomous Vehicle
- Full dual redundant design
- 6 degree of freedom
- Thermal and orthogonality compensation

Park Brake Module