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M560/M580 OpenECU-FS® Developer Software 3.1.0 Now Available!

June 18, 2021


M560/M580 OpenECU-FS® Developer Software 3.1.0 Now Available!

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Please note that existing customers will need to contact support for an updated license. If you do not have an existing support contract please contact Dana Plymouth Technology Center for a quote.

We are pleased to announce a new release of the OpenECU Developer Software. OpenECU-FS was developed according to ISO 26262 for use on the M560 and M580 targets. (NOTE: the other OpenECU targets have their own version which is updated separately.) For detailed information on functional safety, request the M560 Family Functional Safety Manual.

Users of M560 and M580 ECUs are encouraged to upgrade to this version as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features and fixes therein. Release 3.1.0 includes many new features, fixes and improvements, some of which are briefly described below.

Tool Compatibility Updates

  • Matlab 2015b, 2018b, and 2020a for ISO 26262
  • CANape v17.0
  • ETAS INCA v7.2.7
  • ATI Vision v6.0

Fixes, Improvements, and New Features

  • Added capability to configure multiple CAN busses as J1939 nodes.
  • Added capability to change the CAN baud at run-time.
  • Improved load and build time for Simulink models.
  • Robustness improvements to UART communication between the two micros.

Secondary Microcontroller

  • Added support for CCP DAQ lists.
  • Added support for maps in the A2L files.
  • Simplified the interface between the application and platform task scheduler.

Impact to Existing Customers

  • Customers using J1939 API’s will need to update their applications. A J1939 migration guide is available from the Downloads section of the website.


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