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OpenECU for Controls
Development and Prototyping

Currently, the M110, M250, and M560 are being used for applications including supervisory
control and primary flight control. For prototyping, redundancy is achieved by using
multiple modules. Discussions are ongoing about using the M670 for engine controls
development and the M560 is being considered as a battery management supervisor.

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OpenECU provides an easy to use, reliable, proven platform for controls
development with options for developing using C-code or Model-Based using Matlab / Simulink.

OpenECU allows customers to immediately start developing and testing control functions using ECU hardware that has been designed to meet stringent automotive requirements.

- No concerns with reliability / quality issues. Same cost-effective proven reliable hardware can be used for R&D, rapid control prototyping, development, fleet trials

- Enables you to easily access all the functionality of the ECU

- If model-based development is being considered, OpenECU is a truly open Simulink® application-independent model-based development environment. All Mathworks development tools can be used if desired