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PiSnoop v9.0.2.0 now available

  • Added beta CAN Replay window to replay saved CAN log files
  • Support added for floating point enums and some new keywords in .a2l files
  • updated Vector XL CAN drivers
  • Improved attached Kvaser device information reporting
  • Many improvements for CAN Sender, Watch, and Scope windows
  • Improved calibration parameter saving in .dcm format
  • Documentation (visible in VS Object Browser) added for useful public ECU, SeedKey, and Utils class methods to aid plug-in developers
  • Fixed ECU file properties corruption that could give incorrect calibration parameter saving behaviour (related to 'Down' button use); issue in existing workspaces now detected and auto-fix offered
  • Fixed bug whereby deleting CAN Sender rows could give wrong properties for messages in rows beneath
  • Workaround introduced for Windows bug affecting window resizing on higher second monitor
  • Disabled Lookup shift tab left/right options which worked incorrectly, pending ongoing redesign of table lookups
  • Fixed bug in values for (typically fixed-point) .a2l entries with both non-unity scaling and non-zero offset
  • Various other small fixes and robustness improvements

Download the latest version of PiSnoop here.