OpenECU® is a comprehensive family of off-the-shelf rapid control prototyping ECUs and software designed to take your electronic controls innovations from prototyping to production.  The philosophy behind OpenECU is the creation of modular, reusable technology that is implemented to volume production standards and is fully “open” to custom configuration, adaption and further development. Compare all OpenECU modules.

Field-ready hardware for rapid control prototyping or low volume production
Software strategies, and other intellectual property that allow you to focus on your application
Software tools to make the development process quick and efficient
Suite of software tools to support model based controls development and testing

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Solenoid & motor driver module to support engineering development programs

M670 with FPGA

In-cylinder pressure based combustion calculations for advanced engine control applications using the highly capable FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) daughter board with the M670


High feature engine controller for port fuel, GDI, and common rail diesel


The M580 OpenECU is designed to support the most demanding EV / HEV supervisory control applications.


The M560 OpenECU is designed to support the most demanding EV / HEV supervisory control applications.


M360 has a dual-microcontroller architecture with asymmetric hardware and software redundancy.


Suited to computationally intensive applications requiring a chassis mounted, sealed metal housing with IP67 environmental protection.


Smart Injector Driver Module designed to support alternate fuel management controllers (e.g. CNG/LPG conversion) and specialty engine controllers.


Ultra-compact , suited to computationally intensive applications, chassis mounted


Low profile ECU with many types of communication channels and a few discrete I/O designed to be chassis mounted


OpenECU OBD Infrastructure Software

Guides ECU developers through the complex process of implementing on-board diagnostics (OBD)

OpenECU Developer Platform Sim-API

Enable control algorithms and strategies developed as MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow models to be quickly created and tested on real OpenECU hardware

OpenECU Developer Platform C-API

Enables you to access all the functionality of the ECU

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Control Strategies

Simulink control strategies for vehicle supervisory control of EV, series and parallel hybrid drivetrains.

Engine Control Strategy- Gasoline Direct Injection

A comprehensive set of model based control software for advanced gasoline direct injection strategies.

Engine Control Strategy - Gasoline

A comprehensive set of control software for advanced gasoline engine management.

Engine Control Strategies - Diesel

A comprehensive set of model based control software for advanced diesel engine management.

Combined Charging System (CCS)

CCS solution with Simulink control model and M560 or M580 OpenECU Hardware


Quick Connect and Release Harness

Designed to allow repeated connect-disconnect of the harness

Pigtail Harness

Fully-populated, braided wiring harnesses of various lengths


Connectors are available to suit the full range of OpenECU products.



Software tool used for calibration, diagnostics, measurement, data acquisition

OpenECU Advantages

Feature Benefit
Production-quality rugged embedded controls ECU hardware designed for under hood vehicle environments. No concerns with reliability / quality issues. Same cost-effective proven reliable hardware can be used for R&D, rapid control prototyping, development, fleet trials and low to intermediate volume production.
OpenECU hardware is designed to be customizable. Pi Innovo can provide custom solutions with proven validated hardware to meet customer’s unique requirements. If needs change during a program, Pi Innovo will work to support you.
Pi Innovo owns the designs and manufactures / will license the product. Customers never have to worry about obsolescence or continuity of supply.
OpenECU has a mature software tool chain and is used by both Pi Innovo engineering and many customer’s engineering. Engineers spend time developing applications, not dealing with software issues.
Truly open Simulink® application-independent model based development environment. All Mathworks development tools can be used if desired.
Full support of Model Based Design and non-proprietary native Simulink block use in application layer. Applications are portable between ECUs. OpenECU is ideal for prototype development and / or production. Can go to production with OpenECU or customer specific hardware.
Supports common calibration tools such as ATI Vision, ETAS INCA and Vector CANape via CCP as well as Pi Innovo calibration tool Pi Innovo Snoop. No proprietary calibration tools required, you can use industry standard tools.
Pi Innovo engineering available to support portions / all of an application development project. Pi Innovo – we work the way you want work.
Pi Innovo willing to sell / license IP and share knowledge with customers. Pi Innovo is a long-term partner who offers you complete freedom.
Pi Innovo can utilize existing proven hardware or design custom hardware for you. Pi Innovo has the skill and experience to meet your low volume or high volume production needs.

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