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Pi Innovo Solution

EV Control Strategy is a configurable Simulink® Model-Based control system for electric vehicle supervisory control, with seamless integration with OpenECU® M560 and OpenECU® M580 embedded controllers.

Pi Innovo provides application source code as Simulink® Application Software.

Supervisory Control Features

  • Supports up to four (4) traction motors
  • System state control
  • System start-up and shutdown control
  • System health monitoring and fault management
  • Inputs and outputs adapters
  • Torque co-ordination and limitation
  • Power Management
  • Battery charge and discharge limitation
  • Charger control
  • Category A & B regeneration
  • Drag charging
  • Accessories control
  • Vehicle stability system interaction
  • Vehicle speed limiter
  • Supports up to two cooling circuits
  • Thermal management
  • Tablet display interface

Vehicle Control Unit

OpenECU M560 and M580 are compatible with OpenECU products with Pi Innovo Pi-EV Application Software. These OpenECU products can directly interface with electric vehicle architecture.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Purely electrical vehicles use an electric motor for traction,
and batteries for their corresponding energy sources. The EV
has many advantages over the conventional internal
combustion engine vehicle, such as absence of emissions, high
efficiency, independence from petroleum, and quiet and
smooth operation.


A calibration guide which gives instructions on deploying and calibrating the system is provided along with the Simulink control strategy. Detailed descriptions of system features and calibration methods are included. Although the strategy is built using Simulink and Stateflow blocks and can be integrated in all types of platforms, the guide also provides instruction on how to implement the strategy using the OpenECU platform.

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