GaN Eval board

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Product Overview

The GS61008P 100V GaN Synchronous Buck Evaluation Board is a platform for analyzing the GS61008P enhancement mode GaN-on-silicon power transistor from GaN Systems. The evaluation board (EVB) can be used to step down voltage and measure specific voltage waveforms to gain a better understanding of the GS61008P transistor. The EVB requires logic power of 12V and has a BNC connector for the drive signal, and has adjustable dead time to improve efficiency at the targeted operating point.

Advantages of Gallium Nitride

Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology allows for higher switching frequency power electronics designs as compared to MOSFETs and IGBTs. This is due to no reverse recovery charge storage, very low gate charge, low body capacitance, and low inductance packaging. Higher switching frequencies allow for the use of smaller inductors and capacitors which improve power density while also creating less heat due to component losses. The technology can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the size of high power applications.

GaN Evaluation Board Specifications

Recommended Operating Conditions

15 – 40 degC 

ESD controlled lab bench 
Logic Power

9-16 V: 250mA 
Input Voltage

0-60 V
Output Voltage

0-24 V
Output Current

0-20 A
Switching Frequency

100kHz – 2MHz
Dead Time

20-100 ns 

Transistor Specifications

GaN Systems
Part Number

RDS-on @ 25 degC

7 mOhm 
VDS @ 25deg C

100 V 

12 nC 


  • High Power Density DC to DC converters
  • Step down DC/DC buck converter
    • 48V to 12V DC converter for EVs
  • Step up DC/DC boost converter
    • 12V to 48V DC converter for EVs
  • DC to AC converter
    • Provide in vehicle AC power
    • Solar to grid inverters
  • 48V EV battery charging
  • 48V Motor Drives
    • Traction drive inverter
    • Electric Turbo
    • Stop Start
    • HVAC compressor
    • Battery Cooling Compressor



GS61008P 100V GaN Synchronous Buck Evaluation Board is available from Pi Innovo at a price of $295.
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