Product Overview

The M110 is a low profile ECU with a number of communication channels and a small amount of discrete I/O designed to meet the needs of a number of different applications. It comes in a highly durable plastic housing that is fully sealed (IP67) and can be mounted to the chassis under-the-hood.  Based on the same Freescale MPC5534 32-bit microcontroller as some of the other OpenECUs, the M110 features 2 CAN, 3 SENT RX and 4 SENT TX channels and a number of analog and digital I/O including 2 analog outputs (0-5V).


M110 Case v2



  • High performance¬†32-bit Freescale microprocessor
  • Supports up to 2 high speed CAN 2.0 (with wake on CAN), 3 SENT receive and 4 SENT transmit channels
  • Multiple digital/analog/RTD inputs
  • Multiple digital/PWM outputs
  • Protection against double and reverse battery, load dump, and over-current on outputs
  • Open/Short circuit detection on outputs
Hardware Specifications
Status Released
Processor MPC5534
Clock Rate 80MHz
Code Space 512KB
RAM Space up to 64KB
Calibration Space up to 64KB
Sensor Supplies 1x 5V@250mA
Input Pins 9
Output Pins 14
Communications 2x CAN 2.0, 3x SENT Rx, 4x SENT Tx
Single-ended Up to 9x
RTD Sensor Up to 2
Ignition Sense 1
Digital Up to 9x
Digital, Frequency, PWM Up to 9x
Low side GP Up to 7
Internal Features Unique ignition switch to wake ECU, Wake on CAN (1 channel), Input protection: overvoltage & reverse voltage, Output protection: short to battery & short to ground, Software configurable delayed power off, Unique pin to enable ECU reprogramming, Unique pin to indicate ECU program status
Dimensions (mm) 137 x 130 x 42 mm (W x H x D)
Material Plastic (PPA GF33)
Weight 350g
Connectors 2 x 20pin (Molex MX-150)
Vibration ISO 16750 - 3
Environmental Protection IP67 - Sealed
Location Engine compartment - chassis mount
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 6 to 36V

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