Product Overview

The M110 is a low profile ECU with a number of communication channels and a small amount of discrete I/O designed to meet the needs of a number of different applications. It comes in a highly durable plastic housing that is fully sealed (IP67) and can be mounted to the chassis under-the-hood.  Based on the same Freescale MPC5534 32-bit microcontroller as some of the other OpenECUs, the M110 features 4 CAN, 2 LIN, 3 SENT RX and 4 SENT TX channels and a number of analog and digital I/O including 2 analog outputs (0-5V).


M110 Case v2




  • High performance¬†32-bit Freescale microprocessor
  • Supports up to 4 high speed CAN 2.0 (with wake on CAN), 2 LIN, 3 SENT receive and 4 SENT transmit channels
  • Multiple digital/analog/RTD inputs
  • Multiple digital/PWM outputs
  • Protection against double and reverse battery, load dump, and over-current on outputs
  • Open/Short circuit detection on outputs
Hardware Specifications
Status Released
Processor MPC5534
Clock Rate 80MHz
Code Space 512KB
RAM Space 32KB
Calibration Space 32KB
Sensor Supplies 1x 5V@250mA
Input Pins 9
Output Pins 14
Communications Up to 4x CAN 2.0, 2x LIN, 3x SENT Rx, 4x SENT Tx
Single-ended Up to 9x
RTD Sensor Up to 2
Ignition Sense 1
Digital Up to 9x
Digital, Frequency, PWM Up to 9x
Low side GP Up to 7
Internal Features Unique ignition switch to wake ECU, Wake on CAN (1 channel), Input protection: overvoltage & reverse voltage, Output protection: short to battery & short to ground, Software configurable delayed power off, Unique pin to enable ECU reprogramming, Unique pin to indicate ECU program status
Dimensions (mm) 137 x 130 x 42 mm (W x H x D)
Material Plastic (PPA GF33)
Weight 350g
Connectors 2 x 20pin (Molex MX-150)
Vibration ISO 16750 - 3
Environmental Protection IP67 - Sealed
Location Engine compartment - chassis mount
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 6 to 36V

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