Product Overview

The M221 is a Smart Injector Driver Module designed to support alternate fuel management controllers (e.g. CNG/LPG conversion) and specialty engine controllers.
  • Up to 10 x 4A Peak / 1A Hold injectors
  • Capable of handling multuple injectors per stroke
  • Capable of injection signal intercept and modification
  • Capable of current and voltage monitors on many output channels
  • Capable of thermal trip monitors on certain channels
  • Wide range of automotive sensors and actuators
  • Supports multi-cylinder engines
  • Configurable analog and digital I/O
  • High speed CAN channels
Hardware Specifications
Processor MPC5534
Clock Rate 80MHz
Code Space up to 768KB
RAM Space up to 832KB
Calibration Space up to 256KB
Sensor Supplies 1x 5V@250mA
Input Pins 22
Output Pins 15
Communications 2x CAN 2.0
Digital, Frequency, PWM 14
Crank Shaft (VR/Hall differential) 1
Low side GP, Injector (SM, VM, CM) 10 x 4A Peak/ 1A Hold
Dimensions (mm) 155 x 115 x 39
Material Aluminum
Weight 1.0kg (est)
Connectors 1 x 46 pin
Vibration 6g random RMS
Environmental Protection IP67 Sealed / Gore Vent
Location Engine Compartment/ Chassis
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 12-24V

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