Product Overview

The M250 module is a compact electronics module that is suited to computationally intensive applications requiring a chassis mounted, sealed metal housing with IP67 environmental protection. Based on the same Freescale MPC5534 32-bit microcontroller as the M460, the M250 features 2 CAN interfaces, precision analogue 12-bit inputs and configurable high current switching outputs. A group of inputs and outputs are particularly suited emissions control applications with appropriate sensor signal conditioning and drive characteristics.

At additional cost it is possible to build options that will modify the hardware specification within certain limits.

Custom Variations

Pi Innovo engineering services can rapidly develop custom ECUs based on the resusable block designs within OpenECU.

Optional Capabilities
  • Daughter card slot
  • 128K EEPROM
  • Wakeup from CAN interrupt
  • Secondary microprocessor
Development Tools
  • Simulink™/RTW based development platform
  • Simulink™ RTW-Embedded Coder blockset, as well as a C API function library to support C-language implementation of code (or TargetLink™)
  • Reprogramming via CAN using CCP
  • Calibration: ATI Vision™ or ETAS INCA™
  • Processor JTAG port accessible internally
Hardware Specifications
Status Released
Processor MPC5534
Clock Rate 80MHz
Code Space 512KB
RAM Space 64KB
Calibration Space 256KB
Actuator Supplies 1x 20A
Sensor Supplies 2x 5V@250mA (VM)
Input Pins 20
Output Pins 11
Communications 2x CAN 2.0
Single-ended 6x 12-bit unsigned (+ 6x selectable from # )
RTD Sensor 7x 12-bit unsigned
Ignition Sense 1
Digital, Frequency, PWM 6x 0V to Vpwr (#)
H-Bridge or 2x high + low side (SM, VM, CM, CTM) 2x 8A
Low side GP, PWM (SM, VM, CM, CTM) 1x 10A 1x 2A (+ 3x 5A selectable from $ )
Low side GP, PWM (SM, VM) 1x 500mA
Low side GP, Spark (SM, VM, CTM) 1x 8A
Low side GP, Injector (SM, VM, CM) 3x 5A peak/ 2A hold ($)
Internal Features Daughter board slot
Optional Features 128K EEPROM Watchdog processor CAN wakeup
Dimensions (mm) 228x158x50
Material Aluminum
Weight 1.02Kg
Connectors 1x 46
Vibration Ford IIIB - Severe (On or Near Suspension Mounting Points)
Environmental Protection IP67 Sealed/Gore-tex® vent
Location Engine Compartment/ Chassis
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 6.5 - 36V

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