Product Overview

M360 OpenECU is designed to support high current applications with a favorable functional safety ISO 26262 architecture. M360 is designed with two H-bridges capable of 50 A of transient current. These H-bridges can be used to control brushed-DC Motor automotive applications.

M360 has a dual-microcontroller architecture with asymmetric hardware and software redundancy.

The high performance MPC5746B microprocessor supported by the powerful 32-bit SPC560P34 secondary microprocessor provides for sophisticated, high-bandwidth rationality checking and system safety monitoring of full-authority vehicle control applications.

M110 Case v2

M360 Overview

High Performance
  • Powerful dual micro-processor architecture with intermicro serial comms for program flow monitoring and 1x shared external CAN channel from both micros
  • 2x H-bridges for high current outputs (10A continuous, 50A transient for 100ms)
  • Comprehensive fault diagnosis supporting functional safety as well as OBD requirements
  • High level diagnostics fault reporting resident in platform software
  • Platform SW supports light-duty J1979/KWP2000/UDS 14229 and Heavy-duty J1939 service tool interfaces
  • Designed for high current brushed-DC motor control applications
  • Adopted in functional safety and high transient current applications such as Electronic Park Brake
  • Supports common calibration tools such as ATI Vision, ETAS INCA, and Vector CANape via CCP
  • Proven hardware for prototyping, pre-production and volume production
Hardware Specifications
Primary Processor MPC5746B
Secondary Processor SPC560P34
Input Pins 3 Analog inputs
Output Pins 4 (2x H-Bridges)
H-Bridge Output Continuous: 2x (10A), Transient: 2x (50A) for 100 ms
Current Monitors 2x current monitors per H-bridge for circuit, rationality and unintended actuation diagnostics - read by both micros
Voltage Monitors 2x voltage monitors (one on each arm) per H-Bridge for circuit and rationality diagnostics - read by both micros
External Communication 1x CAN (both micros have independent interface to the CAN bus)
Internal Communication 1x UART serial interface between the micros
Dimensions 207mm x 104mm x 45mm (W x D x H)
EMC Designed for DIN/ISO 11452, ISO 7637-2 and CISPR 25
Enclosure Aluminum
Weight 0.54kg
Connectors 1x23 TE (AMPSEAL)
Vibration IEC 60068-2-64
Environmental Protection IP69K & IPx8 Sealed/Gore vent

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