Product Overview

The M580 OpenECU is designed to support the most demanding EV / HEV supervisory control applications1. Since most supervisory controls demand the highest level of functional safety, the M580 was developed using ISO26262 processes. The high performance SPC5746 microprocessor supported by the powerful 32-bit SPC560P34 secondary microprocessor provides for sophisticated, high-bandwidth rationality checking and system safety monitoring of full-authority vehicle control applications.

The M580 is designed to support EV / HEV supervisory control applications worldwide, the integrated charging circuitry eliminates the need for a separate charger interface module (Charging interface control application software not included.)

Due to its high quantity of customizable I/O, advanced microprocessor, safety oriented architecture and user friendly OpenECU Simulink application interface, the M580 is a great rapid prototyping platform for a broad range of applications. Pi Innovo also offers a full set of model based strategies suitable to support most EV / HEV / NEV architectures allowing it to be taken all the way into production. Pi Innovo’s systems, controls and software engineers are available to support application implementations from prototype to production.

1 For heavy duty on road and off road vehicles.

  • Designed for complex hybrid and EV applications
  • High-quality rugged hardware
    designed for engine
    compartment mount
  • Supports common calibration
    tools such as ATI Vision, ETAS
    INCA, and Vector CANape via
    CCP as well as Pi Innovo
    calibration tool PiSnoop
  • Same proven hardware used for
    development can be used for
    volume production
  • Targeted to 24V vehicle applications which source the 24V from a  BC/DC
High Performance
  • Powerful NXP SPC5746 microprocessor
    and 4x CAN 2.0 channels
  • Multiple H-bridges, low side drives and
    high side outputs
  • Comprehensive fault diagnosis supporting
    functional safety as well as OBD requirements
  • High level diagnostics fault reporting
    resident in platform software
  • Designed to meet ISO26262 ASIL D functional safety
  • 112 pins of flexible I/O
  • Integrated charging interface circuitry
  • Truly open applicationindependent Simulink®
    development environment
  • For 12V vehicle systems see our M560

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