Product Overview

The M670 is a 154-pin high feature engine controller designed to support model based development of gasoline PFI, GDI, diesel solenoid, and alternative fuel applications.

The ECU supports a broad range of engine control features such as dual ETC, quad VVT, VGT, dual Knock, UEGO, HEGO, and more.

Molex connector documentation
CP0.6 receptacle crimp terminal documentation
CP1.5 receptacle crimp terminal documentation
CP2.8 and CPX280 receptacle crimp terminal documentation

  • Capable of driving up to 8 boosted peak and hold,  non-boosted peak and hold (option), or saturating (option) injectors
  • Capable of driving up to 8 spark outputs (smart coil only)
  • Programmable injector waveforms
  • Three H-bridge outputs
  • Up to 12 injections per TDC
  • Supports four-stroke and two-stroke
  • 12 and 24v operation
  • Protection against reverse supply connection
  • Inputs / outputs protected against short to supply or ground
  • Optional daughter board for circuit prototyping
Optional Control Software
  • Torque based engine control strategy available
  • Gasoline PFI, GDI, and diesel strategies
  • Simulink based control strategies
  • Available black box or source code license
Injector Boost Supply
  • Programmable boost voltage (Vbatt to 65v)
  • Boost supply total power output 120W
  • Fully diagnosed and protected
Hardware Specifications
Status Released
Processor MPC5674F
Clock Rate 264MHz
Code Space 3 mB
RAM Space 128KB
Calibration Space 128KB
Actuator Supplies 2x Vbatt @ 10A
Sensor Supplies 4x 5V @ 250mA
Input Pins 54
Output Pins 49
Communications 4x CAN 2.0
Single-ended 32 x 12-bit
RTD Sensor 4
Knock Sensor (differential) 2
Lambda Sensor (HEGO) 4x HEGO or 2x UEGO & 2x HEGO
Ignition Sense 1
Digital 5
Digital, Frequency, PWM 3
Cam Shaft (VR/Hall single-ended) 4x Hall only
Crank Shaft (VR/Hall differential) 1x Hall (VR option)
H-Bridge or 2x high + low side (SM, VM, CM, CTM) 1x 5A full-bridge & 2x 10A full-bridge or 4 x 10A half-bridge
Low side GP, PWM (SM, VM, CTM) 9x 0.2/0.5A lamp & relay
Low side GP, Spark (SM, VM, CTM) 8x Smart Coil only
Low side GP, Injector (SM, VM, CM) 8x software programmable waveform peak and hold
Low side GP 1x 8A, 2x6A peak/ 4A hold
Constant Current (Switching) 8x 2A
Internal Features 2 x 25A peak high side injector bank supply with boost. Daughter board slot
Optional Features 120W Injector boost power supply
Dimensions (mm) 266 x 299 x 56.5mm
Material Aluminum
Weight 2.5kg
Connectors Molex CMC 154pin
Vibration ISO 16750-3
Environmental Protection IP69K
Location Engine Compartment/ Chassis
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 12V or 24V

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