Product Overview

The S070 module is a compact slave electronics module design to add direct drive capability for common-rail diesel engine fuel injectors to the OpenECU M2xx family of intelligent electronics control modules.

Each module can be configured to provide up to 6 fully protected drive channels that are suitable for solenoid injectors.

There is an option to include an internal diagnostic microprocessor module and CAN interface that deliver diagnostic information to other vehicle systems and control configuration options via software commands.

Injector Output Features
  • Capable of driving up to 6 separate solenoid injectors, one injector at a time.
  • Capable of driving injectors at battery voltage with closed loop peak/hold current control
  • Capable of driving injectors at boosted supply voltage at the start of the injection, and switching to battery voltage for the rest of the injection.
  • Capable of firing multiple injections per TDC.
  • Individual high side source pins are connected internally to a common high side switch
  • Each individual low side pin is controlled with a dedicated low side driver
  • Closed loop PWM current regulation at two different levels (peak and hold)
  • Protection against reverse supply connection
  • Inputs / outputs protected against short to supply or ground
  • All outputs have Inductive load and over-current protection
  • All pins are ESD protected to ±8kV
Optional Output Capabilities
  • PWM clock frequency range  1KHz-100KHz
  • Peak current range 2A to 30A
  • Hold current range 0.25A to 20A
  • Flyback clamp voltage in range 30V to 60V
  • Injector boost voltage in range 40V to 130V
Input Features
  • Individual inputs to command each injector
  • Master enable input
  • Consistent injector to injector timing
  • Repeatable injector propagation delay from injector command input to injector output event
Injector Boost Supply
  • Over-current shut down
  • Boost supply total power output 243W
  • Boost supply operation diagnostic with a single signal indication of a fault condition
Hardware Specifications
Status Released
Processor None
Actuator Supplies Up to 130V boost 1 x 25A peak / 15A hold
Input Pins 9
Output Pins 6
Digital 8x 0V to Vpwr
Low side GP, Injector (SM, VM, CM) 6x 25A peak/ 15A hold
Dimensions (mm) 228x158x53
Material Aluminum
Weight 1.36Kg
Connectors 1x 46
Vibration Ford IIIB - Severe (On or Near Suspension Mounting Points)
Environmental Protection IP67 Sealed /Gore-tex® vent
Location Under-hood/ chassis
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 9 - 36V

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