Product Overview

Automotive OEMs and Tiers 1s are working to improve efficiency in all major systems to meet the ever increasing fuel economy standards. This drive for efficiency improvement leads to ongoing development efforts in the electrification of powertrain and chassis systems. As is the case in many new development programs, there is a gap between the initial “one-off” proof of concepts developed in a laboratory and the product needed for high volume production. The S090 Solenoid and Motor Driver engineering development module helps fill this gap.

As engineering teams develop new systems, the needs for electrification can exceed the capabilities of existing ECUs. Rapid controls prototyping ECUs such as Pi Innovo’s OpenECU can be used to develop the controls, but the power requirements for the system will usually exceed the capabilities of an RCP ECU. When you need to bring muscle to your rapid prototype development in a cost effective manner, the S090 Solenoid and Motor Driver engineering development module is designed to be a versatile development tool.

  • Drive up to 8 solenoids up to 10A each
  • Solenoid PWM control
  • 4 low side and 4 high side solenoid channels
  • Drive 1 brushed and 1 brushless DC motor up to 40A
  • Two 5V sensor supplies 1A each
  • Dual-range current feedback from all output channels for monitoring or data logging
  • Expands the function of an existing master controller
  • Enables rapid prototype development of higher power systems
  • Supports controls development for heavy duty actuators
  • Evaluate loads and actuations for production circuit optimization
  • Cost effectively support fleet trials of new systems
  • Designed to meet the needs of development engineers
  • Aluminum automotive style sealed housing
  • Proven sealed automotive connectors
  • Robust electronics circuits suitable for on-vehicle test environment
  • Customizable circuitry: Need something different? We will work to meet your needs!


Versatile solenoid and motor drive slave controller to support engineering development programs for electrification of vehicular systems. Designed for any system that uses PWM controlled actuators (valves, solenoids) and/or dc motors (brushed, brushless). Potential applications include:
Electronic differentials Electronic throttle control
Motor control Fuel delivery system control
Driveline actuators Variable oil and water pumps
4WD actuators eCVT development
Hydraulic pump and valve control Aftertreatment pumps and injectors
VGT position control EGR actuators
VVT actuators Transmission test control
Hardware Specifications
Status Released
Processor None
Actuator Supplies Up to 8 solenoids up to 10A each, 1 40A BLDC motor, 1 40A brushed motor
Sensor Supplies 2x 5V@1A
Input Pins 19
Output Pins 27
Digital 4x 0V to 5V: 2 motor direction, 2 solenoid enable
Digital, Frequency, PWM 15x 0V to 5V: 4 motor speed, 8 solenoid control, 3 BLDC Hall sensor
H-Bridge or 2x high + low side (SM, VM, CM, CTM) 4x high side solenoid up to 10A
H-Bridge 1x Brushed DC motor drive, 1x 3-phase sensored BLDC motor drive
Low side GP, PWM (SM, VM, CM, CTM) 4x low side solenoid up to 10A
Dimensions (mm) 236x196x46
Material Aluminum
Connectors 2x 46
Environmental Protection IP65
Location Under-hood/ chassis
Supply Voltage (normal operation) 9 - 18V

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