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Pi Innovo also designs and supplies custom electronic controllers for various advanced technology development projects. Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of complex electronic controllers for automotive, aerospace and heavy-duty applications provides a solid basis for rapid, cost-effective controller development in support of new technology that cannot be met with existing production controllers. Pi Innovo can also customize its standard OpenECU products for applications where modifications to existing software or controller designs provide the functionality necessary for your project.

Pi Innovo’s Systems Engineering team provides hands-on support for many advanced development programs with efforts ranging from commissioning and training on the OpenECU platform through to providing full controls software, hardware and calibration in support of advanced mechanical and electrical systems projects.

Some examples of advanced technology development projects Pi Innovo has supported are:

Hydraulic Hybrid Propulsion System

Active Aerodynamic System Controls

Prototype New Energy Vehicle

Custom Injector Drive Module for Novel New Injectors

Hybrid-Electric and Fuel Cell demonstrator vehicles

Active Differential controls development 

Dual-fuel emissions-reduction systems development

Driveline Electrification