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Controls engineers should not have to worry about how the microcontroller works. The more time controls engineers spend worrying about how the microcontroller works, the less time they have to devote to what is truly important: developing world class control strategies. OpenECU platform software eliminates this problem. All the memory management, communications, I/O management, drivers, etc are managed by the platform, allowing the engineer to focus on the application. In addition to offering our OpenECU platform software in our products, Pi Innovo has a broad range of engineering service offerings.

The Pi Innovo software team supports customer engagements by:

  • Creating the embedded software for an existing customer ECU
  • Supplying experienced software engineering resources on customer programs
  • Creating new / additional drivers for existing embedded software platforms.

Pi Innovo can leverage its vast experience to provide you with embedded software you need customized for your hardware.

If customers elect to customize an off the shelf OpenECU, Pi Innovo can provide the driver software to suit the customization. Pi Innovo has provided custom hardware and software for:

  • BLDC motor control
  • Constant current analog outputs
  • Knock sensors
  • Analog variable resistance output
  • Wake on CAN
  • Inertial sensors

Pi Innovo can provide a fully customized embedded software solution for customer specific hardware. Pi Innovo has worked with customers to provide singular features (such as CAN communications library) as well as full platform software solutions for a new ECU.

In addition to providing custom embedded software, Pi Innovo can also provide custom PC software aimed at interacting with Pi Innovo designed ECUs or 3rd party ECUs. Pi Innovo service tools are customized for the target product. Features include:

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Standard fault reporting
  • Fault identification through a visual representation of the vehicle system, allowing the technician to quickly and easily locate the area where service action is required
  • Clicking on the fault launches the step-by-step instructions for how to trouble shoot the problem (Guided Diagnostics)
  • If fixes are necessary, the tool also explains the step-by-step procedure for replacing the defective part, and the acceptance test to run after the service is complete.
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By using custom service tools in this manner, service time and costs are reduced and the quality of service is improved, resulting in increased customer satisfaction

In addition to diagnostic service tools, applications include:

  • Data recorder post-processing tools
  • ECU communication tools.
ecu software

For customers with existing full featured ECUs wanting the flexibility of OpenECU, our platform software can be ported to the hardware of their choosing. The entire OpenECU platform can be ported, or just a specific subset of the platform. If this option is chosen, then the OpenECU platform software can either be provided as a pre-compiled library with the standard OpenECU APIs or full access to the source code can be provided, depending on the commercial arrangement.