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Custom Electronics / Hardware Analysis / Simulation


Simulation is used to model ECU thermal performance, and circuit simulations model the dynamic behavior of interfaces and power supplies. Worst-case parameters from WCA are fed into the simulators to ensure that dynamic performance meets design goals despite component value shifts. Recent Pi projects have utilized these simulation tools:

• CHAM HOTBOX for thermal (computational fluid dynamics) modeling of the ECU heat sources and cooling methods

• SPICE to model AC and transient circuit behavior of ECU circuits interacting with system components

• Mentor ModelSim to simulate FPGAs and discrete digital circuits

• Various vendor-specific simulators to model switching-mode power supply performance

CFD model of a Pi ECU mounted on a vertical bulkhead with natural airflow convection.

AC simulation of the frequency response of the Home Plug Green PHY power line communications used on the M560.

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