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The goal of Vehicle Integration is to ensure that when the ECU is introduced to the vehicle environment, all of the inputs and outputs of the system are supported and operating as expected in the new vehicle environment.

At the vehicle level the interactions between the different ECUs is a key area that needs testing. Pi Innovo usually assumes the support role in the vehicle integration activity and works closely with the vehicle integrator or manufacturer and suppliers of other controllers. Pi Innovo’s involvement may include development of vehicle-level test plans for the controller under test all the way through to test execution and data and result analysis.

Vehicle Integration Testing

These are some examples of vehicle integration tests that Pi Innovo routinely performs on projects:

  • Verify that installing the controller under test in the vehicle does not overload the CAN bus(es)
  • Verify that all the wiring on the vehicle to the controller under test is correct
  • Verify that the controller under test receives the CAN messages that it expects from other vehicle ECU(s) at the appropriate rate and has the correct data type, data length, scaling and range
  • Verify that the controller under test can read the driver inputs that are connected to it correctly
  • Verify that the controller under test can drive the vehicle actuators that are connected to it correctly
  • Verify that the vehicle level performance criteria is met by the controller under test – an example of this would be testing that the brake controller can decelerate the vehicle at a specified rate

Customer Training

Pi Innovo personnel routinely provide direct, in-person support to our customers. This most often occurs during project integration testing phases, as well as at project milestone hand-over. Pi Innovo can also provide topic-specific training sessions for customers, according to their project needs. Such training may be related to the off-the-shelf OpenECU products, or equally, project topics related to newly developed software or hardware. In-vehicle initial calibration, system commissioning, and manufacturing support services are available from Pi.

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